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competency assessment new zealand


Competency On-the-Job Assessment Programme

Do you have the time to conduct Staff Competency Assessments?


Would you like competency assessment for key areas of risk? e.g. Health & Safety, Exporting, Food Safety, etc.














We conduct independent, on-the-job Competency Assessment against your key Procedures/Code of Practices/SOPs etc, saving you time and resources.


Our assessments are about fact finding, not fault finding and focus on staffs' functionalities and not personalities.


We provide you with reports that identify competency gaps, along with an Executive Summary, Recommendations and Action Plans. This means you can focus on mitigating risk and recognise competence within your organisation. The competence assessment allows Managers' to review the skills of their people and measure them against the benchmarks. This allows the company to see where training needs lie, enables comprehensive professional development planning and provides an overview of department or company's capabilities.




  • The ability to measure and build skill levels across a team.

  • Assessment of current skill / knowledge capabilities by individual, group and at department level.

  • The ability to measure performance in each skill / knowledge area against the organisation and/or industry benchmarks.

  • The ability to identify skill / knowledge gaps and plan remedial action.

competency assessment new zealand
competency assessment New Zealand

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